The aim of HTCP is to provide a better understanding about the harmful aspects of prescription narcotics and their usage in drugs, which results in the increased percentage of deaths in the United States. Statistics reveal that the percentage of deaths due to drug overdose is twofold than demises due to other substances; there is a necessity to strictly counter these deaths. The future depends on our youth and their inclination towards drug intake through gate-way substances such as cigarettes, marijuana, and pain narcotics is increasing day by day. At a young age adolescents have a weaker immunity system; thus, they are witnessing cardiac arrest or brain hemorrhage. Such terrible deaths can be prevented by providing our youth with awareness and having stricter guidelines for prescription narcotics.

Collaborations need to be done with educational institutions, where youngsters reaching the age of adolescence can be told about the harmful aspects of narcotics and their addiction. For this purpose, several seminars can be conducted. The purpose to be focused is to give appropriate awareness to the youth about rising deaths in the United States due to drug overdose. Several drugs are also destroying the brain functionality of youngsters, thus destroying their thinking capacity and decreasing their brain response time.

Youngsters need to be addressed with firm criminal offences if they violate the drug abuse rules or laws. For this purpose, HTCP aims to communicate with the governments of all states of the United States to participate in law making procedures, so that the narcotics are totally uprooted from the United States. HTCP aims to lessen the death rate due to drug overdose, by working with the government to collect reports about drug abuse and to prevent drug abuses.

HTCP will also collaborate with the hospices and medics to acquire knowledge about the traces of narcotics in legal drugs and the obtainability of those drugs at pharmacies. HTCP will make sure that such drugs should not be advised to anyone without an authentic prescription invoice. The person arriving at any pharmacy shall be crosschecked. None of the subtle medicines including traces of narcotics should be handed over to the people, who are not related with patients, or the patients themselves. HTCP will also work with lawyers to regulate legal bodies to impose high taxation rates on drugs and medicines containing narcotics. HTCP wants to make sure that narcotics should be illegal for standard consumption. High taxes will be a hurdle to stock narcotics. Illegal possessors of narcotics will be charged with strict lawsuits.

Priests have a vital role in awakening of the faith and beliefs among youngsters. HTCP shall work with them to highlight on religious take on consumption of drugs. HTCP will fund churches,and will also sponsor church events regarding drug/substance abuse. This step will help HTCP to have religious impact on drug addicts and it will help HTCP to reduce the drug addiction among youth.