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Together, we can change the future of our generations. In United States we are striving to educate community stakeholders for those, who are indulge in substance abuse disorder, a disease of the brain. Transforming the lives of those individual to a brighter future is our aim. We empower individuals and the families with knowledge to give a brief understanding of substance abuse disorder and addiction. We aim to spread awareness regarding the opioid epidemic leading to sky-high rate of overdose death. We provide strategies to individuals and families to fight against substance abuse. Other than that our aim is to prevent increasing overdose death rate in USA.

Home Town Community Project (HTCP)is an Organization which is creating awareness about drug exploitation and sudden increase in the death rates, due to drugs, all over USA. Drug addiction has caused a lot of problems and sufferings for the young generation of the US.

Since the year 2000, the drug addiction among the youngsters of the US has increased tremendously. Reports from 2000-2014 have cited that a lot of the sufferings in the US have been due to drug overdose (poisoning). The percentage of demises due to drug overdose has climbed to 137%. These demises include the 200% deaths, which were due to the addition of opioids in the drugs triggering drug overdose.

Only in the year 2014, the total deaths due to drug overdose in the US were 47055. The rise in deaths from 2013 to 2014 is 0.9%. These statistics are really alarming. It was noticed that there was a remarkable increase in deaths within the age group 25 – 44, and people less than equal to 55 years’ age. Today, in the year 2016, the drug overdose has greatly increased up to an alarming extent.

Most of the drug addiction has been witnessed in the Hispanic blacks, non-Hispanic whites, and in the southern, north-eastern and mid-western regions in the United States. It has been noticed that constituents causing drug overdose resulting ultimately into deaths are narcotics such as opium and heroin. The drug overdose in case of narcotics is also known as substance exploitation, which means using a substance that can alter and even destroy the body functionality. People are seldom aware of the sufferings and harsh consequences due to the drug overdose (substance abuse). 

They might be consuming drugs considering that it’s satisfactory to be addicted, and by being habituated, they’re not prone to any death causing situation or complete damage of body organs and systems. However, medical science has demonstrated that disproportionate use of whatsoever substance, can disturb the nutritional equilibrium inside the body, thus ceasing the body organization. Narcotics in drugs act like the steroids that are responsible for destroying the firmness of body organs. Most of the sturdy or strong drugs are responsible for triggering cancer.

To curb such consequences related to drug overdose, Home Town Community Project (HTCP), founded in the United States, has taken the challenge to give awareness about drug overdose to the adults of the United States. HTCP is making sure to use each platform to share the consequences of each narcotic drug which can cause detrimental effects on the youth of the United States. HTCP takes privilege that it has achieved this goal to much extent by now. However, without the support of people, the educational institutes, the governments, the priests, the religious administrations, and the hospices, this target can’t be accomplished. Join us in our initiative against drug overdose (substance abuse) and help us to overcome this chaos. Let’s become a role model for other drug regulation organizations worldwide.