It is not an easy task to work alone nationwide against substance abuse. We are aiming to collaborate with charitable organizations, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, churches, Law enforcement agencies, physicians and social services sectors. Connecting the public with national and local resources will give us the opportunity to fight against drug threats and the opioid epidemic. By bringing awareness to the general public we can generate prevention. Our representatives can travel all across the nation and can provide assistance and can even conduct workshops for general awareness. Media soliciting can also be provided by our representatives and they act as spokesperson for the betterment of collaborative program. We are offering to partner with other organizations to provide the treatment for drug abuse and addicted patients on affordable packages and prices. We also partner with clinics to provide these services. The Home town Community Project is in a partner program with Family Medicine and Rehabilitation Center (FMRC). They provide medication on substance abuse treatment, psychiatry, addiction and mental health psychotherapy to the communities.


Home Town Community Project (HTCP), is an Organization, which is based in the United States. It aims to minimize drug addiction in the youngsters of the United States. Our edge is that our core team consists of doctors as well, who are mindful of the narcotics and such patients. Statistics demonstrate alarming situation, where a lot of youngsters die due to drug addiction, in the United States. 

Such an alarming situation has bothered government regulatory authorities, law regulation authorities, and NGOs dealing with human health, human rights and drug abuse, in the United States. In the US, since past many years, there has been incessant upsurge in demise rate due to drug overdose or addiction. It has been seen that either the drugs are not used as prescribed, or wrong drugs are used deliberately. Many of these drugs are addictive in nature, hence a person consumes more than prescribed quantity. Thus, the person becomes mentally retarded, loses vision, eye sight, body equilibrium, body weight and body systems and organs functionality.

During the past decade, drug addiction in the US, has also resulted in the rapid increase in adverse crimes such as assassinations, robberies, rapes and domestic violence. Hence, drug addiction needs to be addressed on every platform. Home Town Community Project (HTCP) aims to build an influence that should direct all the regulatory authorities, such as law enforcement firms and courts; doctors, nurses and hospices; drugstores; district, state and federal government organizations, such as police, army, health care departments, and hospices; and government funded educational institutes. The educational institutes can be schools, colleges, and universities, as well as training and development centers.

Home Town Community Project (HTCP), will sign MoUs with hospitals and clinics to minimize the prescription of opioids or the drugs that contain the traces of injurious drugs such as opium and heroin. Home Town Community Project will also make sure that the prohibited use of drug containing medicine should be curtailed in the hospitals. Doctors will be encouraged to prescribe safer alternative medicines at lowest possible rates. Home Town Community Project (HTCP) will collaborate with the pharmacies and will bound the pharmacies to give alternative medicines to the patients who are prescribed with opioids and if no alternatives are available and only opioids are the available medicines, then they’ll not give medicines for more than three days.

Home Town Community Project (HTCP) will also collaborate with the governments at district, state and federal levels to ensure that police, army, drug regulatory and monitoring authorities, law makers can prevent the flow of drugs in the market, as well as the medicines containing the traces of drugs. Anyone holding illegal possession of drugs or the medicines with drug traces, will be imprisoned.

Home Town Community Project (HTCP) will also collaborate with educational institutes to expand regulations across the schools, colleges and universities, inside and outside the educational premises as well as inside and outside the hostel premises. The regulation includes monitoring and prevention of drug consumption and addiction, and grave measures against students who are found as potential drug addicts. Strict measures include counseling and in case of need the suspension from premises to ground such students at home. In case of crimes, HTCP will force the educational institutes to report the crimes fairly to the law and government enforcement.

Home Town Community Project (HTCP) will also collaborate with religious scholars and religious organizations, such as priests and churches, to maximize the awareness in the light of religion, regarding the misuse of drugs and the harmful effects of those drugs. Priests and Churches will prevent the people from getting affected by drug abuse, by giving medication lessons to the affected people.