Home Town Community Project (HTCP), is based in the United States. It is combating with the drug addiction among the youngsters. For this purpose, HTCP is collaborating with the doctors, hospices, pharmacies, legislators, governments, academic institutes and many other drug addiction regulatory authorities and NGOs.

Home Town Community Project (HTCP), has a lineup of researchers, doctors, lawyers, pharmacists and teachers, who are busy in providing edification to the public of the United States. Their vision is the same, that is to diminish deaths due to drug overindulgence resulting in addiction.

To achieve this mutual goal, the team has categorized the goal into several sub-categories, thus enabling all team members to emphasize on their domains. This has empowered all of them to accomplish complex operations simultaneously, efficiently and effectively. Their synchronization is fast and accurate, thus enabling them to have appropriate influence on concerned bodies of the United States.

Home Town Community Project (HTCP) has strong existence in press, thus it aims to produce viral videos explaining about the destructive characteristics of drugs. The youth isn’t aware of the drug consequences. They consider consuming drugs as an essential part of their lifespan, thus they become addicted. The addiction to drugs can originate serious damages to the society, on a larger spectrum. These viral videos will be shared across media and social media platforms and airtime slots will be acquired from the media houses to initiate the advertisements giving awareness about drug abuse and how it can be prevented.

Home Town Community Project (HTCP) aims to collaborate with the NGOs to spread the cognizance scope to the entire United States. It will also collaborate with international regulatory authorities to collaborate with NGOs in the other countries, in the future. 

United States has seen upsurge in multiple subjects such as domestic violence, rapes, murders, thefts and numerous other delinquencies and the main cause of these criminalities is drug addiction. The suppliers of drugs force innocents to work for them, especially when those innocents are forcefully indulged to drug addiction. 

So, to combat the suppliers, awareness programs shall be initiated in educational and training institutes as well as offices where youngsters are employed. Viral campaigns on social media will be run to target the US youth. Youth of the United States will be nominated from various institutes to participate in drug overdose cognizance seminars. They’ll be also empowered to establish the societies at schools, colleges and universities, where they will manage all the awareness strategies themselves, while working for Home Town Community Project (HTCP).

To remain highly impactful towards law regulatory authorities, Home Town Community Project will reach out to the press to explain legal clauses to the community of the United States. Home Town Community Project will also partake in law reforms of the United States, related to drugs, drug abuse, substantial abuse and drug addiction.

Home Town Community Project will also give awareness about drug abuse, detrimental impact of drugs, substantial abuse, and drug addiction, through religious organizations, such as churches, and through religious scholars, such as priests. For this purpose, religious citations will be used to have impact on people.

Home Town Community Project will also provide training to the doctors and health care staff about utilization of alternative medicines that contain the traces of drugs. Also, awareness regarding the fair and affordable health care system, treating drug addicts will be ensured.