First Step is needed to be Successfull in Life
We are here to develop a better Community
What's The Future without Motivation?
Generation is loosing becuase of Drug Abuse
Together we can make it Possible.
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About Home Town Community

Together, we can change the future of our generations. In United States, we are striving to educate community stakeholders for those, who are indulge in substance abuse disorder, a disease of the brain. Transforming the lives of those individual to a brighter future is our aim. We empower individuals and the families with knowledge to give a brief understanding of substance abuse disorder and addiction. We aim to spread awareness regarding the opioid epidemic leading to sky-high rate of overdose death and we provide strategies to individuals and families to fight against substance abuse

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe and welcoming environment for all members of our community. We aim to provide opportunities for growth and development through education, social events, and community service. Our goal is to foster a sense of belonging and pride in our community while promoting diversity and inclusion.”

Collaborative Partners

We are the health professionals and healthcare services are a team effort. Inspiration comes from the leader that flows within the rest of the team members to reach our patients who bear fruits of all the hard work

Our Team

Maqsood Ahmed MD

Pain and Addiction Medicine
Member of HomeTown Community
Head of FMRC

Richard Chadwick

Director, Substance Use Services
Member of FMRC

Mary Bellizia

Member of HomeTown Community
Member of FMRC

Margaret J. Brewer

Medical Care Services
Member of Chatham Medical Specialists NC
Member of FMRC